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Trout Release!

On May 15th the students in Ingrid White's and Jane Wolfrom's classes released the trout they raised from eggs into the Stony Clove Creek.  We were able to take a field trip in the fall to the New York State Hatchery in Livingston Manor and pick up 200 eyed brown trout eggs for each class.  Over the course of the year students were responsible for caring for them, checking water temperature, and learning about the creatures they eventually released into the wild. We also incorporated many art projects, as well as a visit from Ira McIntosh and his program called "Twist and Trout." We sang, we danced, and had a ball.  Through a grant received from the Catskill Watershed Corporation we were able to bring the Arm of the Sea Theater to Phoenicia where the entire school was able to see their production of "City that Drinks the Mountain Sky".  The students learned important lessons about being good stewards of our watershed.

~Jane Wolfrom

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