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David Laks: Blues Master Hall of Fame

Congratulations to retiring music teacher David Laks, who was inducted into New York State's Blues Hall of Fame on June 1st!  Check out his slamin' jamin' retirment party photos on the "News/Photos" drop down menu above.

Retirement Spotlight:

The Spinning Wheel:  1985-present:  Music Teacher (all schools); I’ve taught in the Onteora District for 29 years (30 years of teaching, total)

Fondest Teaching Memory:  A school concert incorporating Band/Chorus/and Guitar Hero all performing together.  It was amazing!

Biggest Teaching Debacle: When my pants fell off while reaching up to put a speaker on a stand in the Phoenicia cafetorium.

Plans for Retirement:  Performing music, shooting video, inventing, fostering creativity in myself and others and travel.  Healthy living!

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